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Tips for Unpacking Your Moving Truck

Storage Unit When bringing your items to a self storage facility, it’s important to remain organized during each step of the moving process. Since storage facilities offer specific sizes, get the most out of your storage space by unpacking your items from POUCH’s “We Move You Free” truck, using these techniques.

Start with the Largest Items
When unpacking your moving truck , start by unloading the largest items. Arrange large items, before you begin filling your storage space with boxes.

Clear a Path
Once you’ve packed your larger items in the back of the unit, start bringing smaller items and boxes to fill in space around and on top of your larger items. To ensure maneuverability between your truck and storage unit keep a clear path at all times.

Create a Recycling Pile
While unpacking our “We Move You Free” moving truck, you may end up with excess cardboard boxes and other recyclables. To remain organized and clutter-free, it is a good idea to create a recycling pile as you unpack. At the end of your move, this pile can easily be moved into a recycling bin.

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