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Storage Essentials for Camping Enthusiasts

Camping is a great way to shrug off the demands of modern life and get back to nature, but it’s an equipment-heavy hobby. When you’re not in the great outdoors, what do you do with all of your gear? If you’re tired of camping equipment taking up space in your spare room or garage, a storage unit could be the perfect solution. Here is what you need to know about using a self-storage unit for your camping essentials.

Add Shelves

To keep your camping gear organized in storage, add metal shelving units to the space. It’s always a good idea to keep any items in storage off the ground by at least using wooden pallets, but storage shelves are an even better idea for camping gear, since they provide easy access to everything you need, so you can grab the right equipment for whatever kind of trip you have planned easily.

Use Clear Storage Containers

Many of the things you need for camping are small, such as utensils and tools, so you will need to put multiple items in one container in order to maximize your space and keep things organized. For this purpose, use clear storage containers, so that you can easily see the contents. Keep similar items together and put labels on the outside of the containers so you know exactly what is inside and can reach for it quickly when you need it.

Store Sleeping Bags without Rolling

Rolling up your sleeping bags and putting them in the storage sacks they come with is not ideal for a storage unit. Not only will the storage sack and tight roll prevent air from circulating around the fabric, but it will also cause the sleeping bag’s insulation to break down. Instead, store your sleeping bags by loosely folding them and putting them inside a large cotton or canvas storage bag. Put the bag off the ground on shelves, to reduce the risk of water damage.

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