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Temporary Housing Options for the Next Time You Move

Moving can be stressful, and it’s often complicated. There are many reasons people may need temporary housing during a move, whether it’s because they haven’t found new housing, or the new home isn’t ready for occupancy. If you’re in the position of finding stopgap housing, we have some suggestions for where you might want to consider staying until you can get into your permanent home.

  • Rent until you’re able to buy. You can find a variety of rental homes on the market, with leases that run for 12-24 months or simply go on a month-to-month basis. Renting a house can be a great option if you are new to the area and want to get the “lay of the land” before committing to a home purchase. Just make sure you read your lease carefully before you sign.
  • Consider a vacation rental. Airbnb and VRBO are examples of sites that allow you to rent a home temporarily, as a short-term or long-term vacation home. These are typically fully furnished, so you won’t need to bring many things with you.
  • Stay with someone you know. If you have friends or family members in the area, it may be worthwhile to discuss the possibility of staying with them while you find a place to live. Make sure you’re on the same page about expectations and how long you’re planning on staying.
  • Book yourself into an extended stay hotel. Extended stay hotels can be affordable options, providing long-term accommodations, usually with a bed, living space, and kitchenette. As a bonus, you may enjoy hotel amenities like cleaning service, internet access, on-site laundry and gym, and a breakfast buffet.
  • Inquire about corporate housing. If you are moving for work, talk to your company about corporate housing. Many times, large companies either rent or own furnished homes or apartments for employee use. If yours doesn’t, ask about reimbursement for relocation expenses.

Of course, once you’ve decided where you’ll stay, what can you do with all of your stuff? If you rent an unfurnished home, of course, you’ll take your things with you. Often, however, people choose to rent a home that’s smaller than their previous house and their future home. If that’s your situation, you may still need to find a place to keep some of your things while you’re waiting to move into your permanent abode.

  • You can get the moving company to store your things. If you’re hiring a full-service mover to transport your household goods to a new location, it’s wise to inquire about their ability to store things for you.
  • Self-storage is often the most convenient option. Self-storage is the best option for a lot of people, because it allows you to store your items securely, yet have access to your items whenever you need it. Additionally, storage units can typically be rented on a month-to-month basis, which is convenient if you don’t know how long you’ll be in temporary housing.

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