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How to Move Out of a Storage Unit

Waist up portrait of handsome bearded man loading cart with cardboard boxes into self storage unit, copy space

Keeping some of your things in self-storage is extremely convenient, but it’s not typically a permanent solution to storage problems. Most self-storage facilities offer contracts on a month-to-month basis, and there’s good reason for that. People store their things because they want to clear clutter temporarily to sell a house, they need to store furniture when remodeling, they’re in the middle of a move, and many other reasons that don’t involve keeping the storage unit for the long term. When you’re ready to clear out your storage unit, here are some tips for managing the process smoothly.

  • Give advance notice of your move. Typically, storage facilities require a call or written notice to inform them of your intention to vacate the storage unit. Make sure you know your facility’s policy, so you don’t need to pay for time you weren’t using your unit.
  • Decide where your belongings are going. Before you pull all of your things out of storage and bring them to your home, make sure you have a place for everything. One great way to do this is to visit the storage unit before you start taking things out and take pictures of everything that’s there. You can then look at these pictures once you get home and make a plan for all of the items.
  • Bring a big enough vehicle to move everything. Don’t waste trips running back and forth with a too-small vehicle. You might need to rent a truck or van for a day, but it’s well worth it. If any of your items are heavy, bring someone to help you transport them.
  • Leave the space clean. It’s usually required for tenants to clean out their storage units before leaving. This is not as daunting as it may sound; typically, it just means removing all of your things and sweeping.
  • Take your lock with you. It’s easy to forget a little thing like that, but it’s important to unlock the unit and remove your lock, so that the storage facility staff will be able to access the unit.
  • Let management know you’ve gone. Once you’ve removed all of your things, confirm your exit with the facility’s manager before you leave.

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