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What Are the Most Essential Packing Supplies?

When you are preparing to move your belongings into a new home or storage units, there are packing supplies you will need to do it successfully. From boxes for moving in Anaheim to tape and scissors, you should be fully prepared before you do anything. Check out some of the packing supplies you will need to make your move the right way.

Moving Boxes

While you might be tempted to find a bunch of free boxes to use for moving purposes, you should invest in quality moving boxes that will get the job done. The last thing you want to do is pack your things into boxes that will break right in the middle of your move. Sturdy moving boxes are also ideal for packing away in storage units.

Packing Tape

Quality moving boxes will keep your things safe, but they will need to be sealed shut with packing tape to make sure they don’t bust open when you are carrying them. Packing tape will also keep your items secure and prevent anyone from gaining access to them.

Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

Chances are, you have many items that could potentially break during a move if they are loose inside of your packing boxes. You can stop this from happening by adding packing paper or bubble wrap to boxes that aren’t completely full.

Labels and Markers

Once you arrive at your final destination, you will want to know what is inside each of your moving boxes. Make this easier by labeling them clearly and by keeping boxes with similar items in the same general area. This is an essential step if you are going to be putting boxes into storage units.

Box Cutters and Scissors

Opening your boxes and removing your belongings from them will be a real chore if you don’t have something that can cut through your packing tape. Keep box cutters or scissors handy throughout your move.

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